Monday, March 17, 2008

Another First!

Saturday we celebrated Nana's birthday with the majority of my husband's wonderful family. (I only call them my husband's family as a technicality.) We were blessed to have a beautiful, sunny, just-the-right-temperature kind of day. It was so nice just to sit out on the deck, watching all the little ones run around like little heathons! =) And so nice just to actually sit back and relax for once on a Saturday.. instead of running about 8 errands, while trying to clean the entire house and make sure all the laundry gets done! (*Please note that Matt helps tremendously with all the housework, but weekends are his man-chore time.) We had gone by WalMart that morning to pick up a few things, when I saw the sunscreen. I'm convinced Matt and I must be part-fish, because of the amount of time we spend in the water. So, I picked up a tube of it for Jade. (The price in and of itself is just a whole 'nother post!)

With that said, do you think that I lathered our sweet, baby girl in the stuff before enjoying the gorgeous sunny day on a deck with minimal shade? NO I DID NOT!! Poor baby girl has a little sunburn on the top of her back and the tops of her arms. Praise God that she really hasn't been affected by it though! She doesn't cry when its touched and hasn't run a fever or anything!

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