Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ahhhh, the joys of Mommy-hood!

One thing that I love about Jade is just how laid back she is in the mornings! (Well, she's a pretty low maintenance baby all the time actually.) She just loves to cuddle a little bit, look around, play in the bed, and of course laugh at Sampson. While I'm getting ready for work, she just kicks back in the bouncy.

Today was not unlike any other day. We woke up, laid in the bed a few minutes, then went into the bathroom so I could get ready. After I'm all put together, we go downstairs.. let Sampson eat.. put him up. I get Jade out of her walker.. and smell a little something. No biggie, just another diaper change before she is off to see her KK for the day. Get to KK's.. notice a smudge of a little dirty on my pants. No biggie, just frantically wipe with a wipey.. don't have time to stop by the house and change my pants over a dime size spot. Get to work.. day is going AWESOME. I'm standing at the fax machine, when one of the girls tells me.. "Hey, you have something on your shirt."

Do I even need to give you more than one guess as to what was on my shirt?!?! A brownish, orange-ish smudge about the size of my palm.. just above my hip. A little stinky memento from my baby girl this morning!! I nearly died, half from embarrassment, half from laughing so hard.

Needless to say, I couldn't just get away with wiping that one away with a wipey!! Praise God that my sister-in-law and I wear very close to the same size. I made a mad dash for her closet at lunch when I went home to visit Jade!

Thank you Jade for making Mommy's day so eventful and laughable yet again!

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