Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh, she KNOWS!

I promise you that I really do have the smartest 7 month old baby on the face of the earth. And I'm pretty sure she really does know the meaning of the word "NO."

Why else would she give me the coyest little smile when I tell her "NO"?

Case in point: tonight we were going to try the whole self-sooth thing out. (Whoever invented that must have been either deaf, or without a heart... or maybe both? ;) ) So, Jade was crying, well mainly complaining in her bed. After a while, I could not take it anymore. I tried patting her while she was in her crib. Miss Priss wasn't gonna settle with just that. So, I picked her up. Her head crashed onto my shoulder and she was just about out.

I may make it look easy with my insanely toned arms (note sarcasm there <--), but holding a 21lb chunkster really isn't all that easy. So, we rocked for a few minutes. Jade would rare her head back, look around and then put her head back down. After she did this for a little while, I told her "NO" each time she did it. And do you know what she did? The little stinker would look right at me after I told her NO, give me this little delerious grin and cut her eyes at me!

I tell you.. the Lord wasn't kidding when He said that we are born with a sinful nature!

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Bonnie said...

Just wait until you tell her no and she laughs and RUNS from you! I have no doubt that we were born with sinful natures!! Hahaha...too bad they are soo cute!