Thursday, September 19, 2013


After a full day of mothering, laundering (clothes, that is. Not money.), housekeeping, refereeing, tutoring and chauffeuring, there is just something so blissful about brinner.

That moment, at 5:00pm... 30 L O N G minutes before the cavalry is set to arrive, when you feel like you could just close your eyes now and sleep 'till next summer. There is the hope that brinner brings.

Brinner, a perfect excuse to brew yourself a cup of joe and to soak in every bit of that delicious bacon smell that will surely permeate through every crevice in your home. (Seriously. Why is it that bacon can smell so dadgum good during cooking? Then, four hours later you wish that bacon had never been invented because then your house would definitely STILL not smell like it.)

Brinner, the perfect camouflage to your mommy-tired hands clinging to that cup of coffee like its your life-source.

Last night, 5:00 o'clock hit. I was willing my eyes open with every ounce of strength I had left in me. Brinner beckoned me with it's promises of warm coffee, bacon and an easy clean-up. I didn't even try to play hard to get. I ran straight into it's warm and welcoming embrace.

I let the smell and sounds of the sizzling bacon take me away. Who needs Calgon when there's bacon?

And then, there's Brinner.. in all of it's glory! Filling, satisfying and so easy to make: Brinner.

What's that you say? Taking pictures of your food and posting them on every social network known to mankind is so 5 years ago? Please be sure to refer to point 7. 

Stop and smell those roses while you're at it, too. Journeying through that perfect meal can be a beautiful thing, but soak in all your surroundings. Be grateful for all those little things that got you so dang tired through the day. Sure, you'll sleep good because of them tonight.

(Bella performing one of her newest tricks: crossing her eyes.)

But, if you don't stop and smell those roses, you'll miss all the hilarity that can ensue during mealtime with those little creatures. Who knew that I'd get a free ticket to the best dinner entertainment in town each and every night? Never a dull moment around our dinner table!

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