Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Funny little thing

Laughter is a big part of our family. My awesome husband has probably one of the best senses of humor. He laughs easily, quickly and heartily.

Our eldest has inherited this same sense of humor. While furniture shopping one afternoon, she saw a guy snuggled up on a bed. Upon pointing the snuggled up man out to her father, they shared a chuckle over the not-so-randomness of the scene.

She has also turned into quite the little prankster. I only wish I had such a great imagination as hers!

Yesterday afternoon, we were rushing to get out the door. In the corner of my eye, I saw her messing with my bed. Next came the sounds of rushing feet across our upstairs, followed by a fit of giggles between her and the little sister.

Choosing my battles wisely, I put the incident out of my mind. The house was in one piece, the kids were happy, and I was rushing to get out the door. A minor incident involving my bed and a mischievous first grader were not on the forefront of my mind.

We finally made it out the door and into the sweltering Texas heat to "watch" my nephew's 2nd football game of the season. (I pretend to watch, but really I'm a bit more pre-occupied with 3 little blonde people.)

Then, we enjoyed some yummy Chinese food with Grandma at this great little Chinese restaurant. We came home and let the kids enjoy the slightly cooler-than-before weather outside on their bikes. Before I knew it, it was the kid's bath-time... followed by our nightly story time... followed by bed-time.

My work for the day wasn't quite over though. I tended to some chores before catching up on some of my reading and shows with the handsome Mr.  And the very minor incident from earlier in the day was completely forgotten about.

Until 10:30 p.m. The entire house, yes even the Mr., had been asleep for several hours. Exhausted from a day of parenting and fun, I couldn't wait to crawl into bed.

I pulled off the decorative pillows on my side of the bed, and was greeted by this:

Dearest Reader, let me not even try to explain to you the restraint it took for me not to scream bloody murder and wake an entire house full of sleeping little (and 1 not-so-little) sleeping people! But I will tell you, that I will gladly mark the adrenaline rush I had at 10:30 pm last night as 2 days worth of work-outs!

Now, someone PLEASE give me some tips on how I can get this little rascal back!

What's a fun, harmless prank you've pulled on some young'uns?

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