Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dating My Husband

Last week was an extremely busy and a somewhat difficult week in our household. Between the two of us grown-up Brantner's, we had 6 ministry meetings. Oh, and my 2 year old son decided it was a great time for him to be potty-trained. 

While we both love serving in the church and loving the Church, it is a week I hope we don't soon repeat. 

After spending most of the week in my house looking down-right frumpy, I was ready to break down the walls. So, I did what any desperate potty-training mother would do and called for the most fool-proof plan that came to mind. I texted The Grandmothers. Having not only my mom but my wonderful mother-in-law live and work so close to us is such a blessing. Not only that, but they genuinely love us and spending time with us!

The key to texting The Grandmothers is to not come off so desperate... and to totally play The Grandchildren card. My text went a little something like this, "Are either of you in need of a cute-blonde-people fix? I know two especially cute little people who have been dying to see their KK and Grandma!" (**Now, let the record show, that I genuinely love The Grandmothers and would have liked to see them regardless of my desperation. However, dire circumstances call for drastic measures. Hence, the reference to The Grandchildren.) When texting The Grandmothers, you can NEVER over-emphasize their little people's cuteness, sweetness, or all-around awesomeness. They soak that stuff up like a prune-sized sponge in the middle of the Sahara. 

As an added bonus, you can also word the text in such a way that they don't know if you're referring to a lunch date with them or a night away with your husband. This particular text was pure GOLD as it afforded me both! My precious mother-in-law rescued me from the confines of our half-bath for a delicious lunch date with said little blondies. And my Mom was all sorts of confused by the text, that she inadvertently offered up a night of free babysitting! What-what?!?!

So, after a week full of a full calendar and potty-training tension in our home, Matt and I cashed in on that free babysitting like a Groupon burning a hole in our pocket. I love dating my husband. He is such a wonderful gift to me, and I couldn't think of a better way to wind down our hectic week. We went to dinner, and savored every bit of conversation that transposed. What a comfort it is to be able to talk through everything with my best friend, who lovingly encourages me and keeps me accountable!

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